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Rat Trap Cartel

'All over the city are those annoying little boogers. I want to squash them all.'

You chase your enemies through all the obstacles the city has to offer. Until you are perfectly aligned with the annoying little chicken and the empty cardboard box. You give the box a mighty kick toward the chicken. He just about avoids it, chuckles and runs away. Next time better.

Rat Trap Cartel is a game about squashing your enemies with obstacles the environment offers you.

A game by year 1 students from International Game Architecture and Design (IGAD) from NHTV (soon BU) in Breda The Netherlands.

The Team

Designers : 

 Bassam Masarwa, Damiaan van Citters, Isadora Trevisan, Tim Wondergem

Programmers :

Conor Damery Mendez, Daan van de Ven

Artist :

Bjorn Prins, Claudia Slotboom, Femke Libbenga, Lotte de Brabander, Victoria Reniers


Tim Wondergem, Niels van Kessel


IMPORTANT: It's highly recommended to play the game with a controller!

Install instructions

1. Unpack the zip file

2. Open the folder and find the ''Game.exe''

3. Play and enjoy



Rat Trap Cartel.zip 128 MB

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